Maccabee and Levi's Cathouse

        We'd like to introduce ourselves.
        My name is Maccabee
        and I'm just your average domestic cat.
        I found my human family
        on a very cold March night in 1996.
        They were nice enough to take me in
        and give me a safe and loving home.
        Little did they know that 8 weeks later,
        I would have two kittens.
        On May 2,1996,
        I had a daughter and a son.
        They were the most beautiful kitties ever.
        And I'm not just saying that 
        because I'm their mom.
        My little girl moved next door to our 
        neighbors and they named her Jasmine.
        My little boy stayed here with me.
        His name is Levi.
        Hi, my name is Levi 
        and I'm a very good hunter.
        My mom says I run faster and purr louder
        than any other cat.
        She is very proud of me.
        We are very happy in our country home
        because we have lots of room to play
        and our family loves us very much.

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        "our human family"

        We should probably tell you about
        the very nice humans that take 
        care of us.
        First there is Joanne,
        who feeds us,
        and brushes us,
        and cuddles us a lot.
        Then there is Kevin.
        He likes to tease us and always
        gets stuck with litter detail.
        Next is Keri.
        She gave me the name Levi.
        And finally there is Erin.
        She plays with us,
        and made them take me
        in on that cold winter night. 

        This eternal candle burns
        for all the abused and homeless cats.
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