Hi folks!
      I would like to introduce you
      to some friends of mine,
      and remember one that
      has gone to the bridge.

      If you'd like your picture
      on my page of friends,
      feel free to e-mail me.
      jpg or gif form only

      This is a picture of Meisha.
      She is a Himalayan that lives
      in Delaware.
      She gets to spend all her summers
      at the bay. Lucky her!
      Her owners name is Gary.
      Be sure to visit his homepage.
      Gary's Homepage
      This little persian is KC.
      He is Meisha's little brother.

      This is my friend Shadow.
      He lives in Kutztown Pa.
      His owners are Keith, Patty,
      Nicole, and Nina.
      I would like to thank them
      for sending his picture to me.
      Rusty, their dog,
      is on my page of K-9's.

      In Loving Memory of Pearl
      Who has gone to the Rainbow Bridge
    This is Pearl and Krista.
    One day Pearl found her way
    into Krista's life.
    They became good friends.
    In Sept.of 1997,
    Pearl very suddenly left for
    the RainbowBridge.
    We were all lucky 
    to have known Pearl, 
    and we will miss her very much.
    Goodbye friend.

    If you would like to see
    a wonderful way to
    memorialize a beloved pet,
    please visit this page.
    The Felicitous Fat Cat