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    I am 14 years old. Soon to be 15 in April (I can't Wait!!). I was born and raised in Kansas. I have a beautiful collection of china dolls.

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I live with my Mom,Dianna, and her Boyfriend Todd. We live in a small one bedroom Apartment. So we are very close if you know what I mean :) I have a hamster named Reeses and two Guinea pigs named PiP and Squeak. Man can they chatter. I also have two cats one named Tabitha and the other named Cuddles. They are not with us right now. But as soon as we move into a bigger place we can get them back. I can't wait. I miss them very very much.


I have made lots of friends at school this year..I can't wait until I get into High School cause I know I will make lots more. My friends and I love to send email to one another,plus chat on the phone. Sometimes we like to go out to movies and hang in the mall.


I love music..especially the BackStreet Boys..Whew they are HOT! and NSync they are also a favorite of mine so is the group five. Also the group 98 degrees. My list goes on and on :) I love Movies. Like Titanic..Scream and Scream2..I know what you Did last Summer those kind of movies. I collect Porcelain far I have 3 of them but working on adding to my collection.